I am aware of the risks in observing or participating in the activities offered and sponsored by Project MVP and I understand that all sports or fitness that I will execute and participate in are entirely at my own risk and perils.


Your participation in an event is competitive and like all   sports has a risk of physical injury and you fully accept responsibility for all such risks as a condition of participation. I assume complete liability for the injuries that may occur as a result of these risks, even if injuries occur in a manner that is not foreseeable at the time I sign this agreement.


You understand and accept that Project MVP and the event organisers/owners do not accept any liability of any sort for bodily injury, illness or death sustained to or by you or loss or damage to any of your possessions or goods (eg: bicycle, sports equipment, money, vehicles, jewellery, clothing, cameras etc) whatsoever and howsoever their loss or damage is caused.


The organiser reserves the right to cancel the event in whole or in part without notice, for any reason. In such cases, a refund or partial refund may be given at the organiser’s discretion, but is not guaranteed


You have read and understand the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Returns & Refunds Policy (as updated from time to time).




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