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Updated: Jun 18

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Hydration and Performance.

Hydration is a fundamental component to performance on any day, whether it be staying hydrated throughout competition or training, or to keep you focused at school or work. There is a myriad of positives to being hydrated, when sufficiently hydrated your brain is more alert, your nerves send signals to your muscles quicker and your muscles contract with greater force. Not hydrating before, during and after exercise is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. The detriment in performance is well documented, often you will perceive exercise to be more difficult when dehydrated and because your muscles aren’t firing with as much force you will often be slower, particularly in endurance performance. 

As a recommendation, you should consume a minimum of 40ml per kilogram of bodyweight in a day (70kgx0.04=2.8litres). You should weigh yourself before and after exercise, if you have lost 1kg you should rehydrate 1L in addition to your daily minimum. So from the example our 70kg man would drink 3.8 litres if he lost 1kg.

So now you have a guide on how much you should be hydrating yourself throughout the day, the next step is knowing the different types of drinks out there and seeing if your go to drink to re-hydrate yourself is okay.

A study back in 2016 investigated how well different drinks can hydrate you over a four-hour period. Still water was used as the control and the chart below indicates how 12 other common drinks compare. We can see that Diuralyte hydration solution and milk were the top performers, which can hydrate you significantly better than water. The reason for this is that these drinks contain salts, fats and carbohydrates that draw water into your body, rather than letting it pass straight through you. It’s important to stay hydrated, even minor amounts of dehydration can affect your mental and physical performance. Your hydration is something that you can control, so make sure you are refueling the amount you need and drinking the right liquids for your mental and physical performance to be at it's best.

2016 study on drinks and hydration effects.

Our advice at MVP would be to save your pennies and stick to still water, add some cordial with a sprinkle of salt if you prefer some flavour and it appears... milk wasn’t a bad choice for Ron Burgundy after all!

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